Building on his experience in firm and university, surrounded by a particularly skilled multidisciplinary team, M. Jean-Luc Laudet has developed "COMPIT" training solutions, in collaboration with professors and big companies' managers, to meet your needs and expectations!
   - Schools: The Business Game "COMPIT Simulator" gives student the opportunity to put into practice their learning, to know the operations, strategies, action levers of their future profession, future colleagues and their future customers and be well prepared for working life.
   - Firms: Really innovative and efficient, COMPIT allows improving the collective efficiency, the competitiveness and the value creation.

photo-1-1.jpgFollowing a career as purchasing expert, commercial manager, production director, purchasing director and R&D, M. Jean-Luc Laudet, project designer, has a large and solid background.
Passionate about training, he delivers purchasing strategy courses in various major schools. He also wrote some case studies about purchasing, competitiveness and outsourcing.
He co-animes a research group, realizes conferences and publishes on the themes of:  
             - « Global Quality of Service: new winning strategy for SME/SMI »
         - « Expectations changes and purchasing strategies »

He has developed answers tailored to your needs, with the help of specialists!
    - For schools (purchasing, logistics, quality, engineer, business and management from level +2 to +5): "COMPIT Simulator": a business game which allows understanding the reasons, the methodology and to put into practice actions levers in purchasing, R&D, logistics, quality, supplychain management, in order to improve competitiveness, to create value and to manage external resources. It allows students to put into practice their learning.
    - For all the firms. The concept highly innovative of COMPIT allows, through short intra-training tailored to your needs, followed by simulations realized with "COMPIT Simulator", to improve the collective efficiency of your team and to find new sources of competitiveness and value creation.

M. Jean-Luc Laudet has collaborated with the best specialists (professors, executives, computer specialists...) to offer you innovative, reliable and efficient solutions that will perfectly match your needs and will bring you numerous benefits.