External resources management is at the root of value creation and the competiveness improvement. External resources are nowadays a strategic element.
COMPIT allows multidisciplinary teams, to understand and learn how to manage this strategic resource, create competitiveness and value, whilst mastering risks. 

EXTERNAL RESSOURCES (partners, suppliers, sub-contractors, providers, ...) at the root of potential  development, innovation, ideas to progress, and services creation ...
Well managed with efficient partnership, this resource is a strong complement to your internal resources.
It is essential to take advantage of this great potential of development and to become more innovative, more competitive and more reliable by:
   - Using their development and innovation capacity
   - Enhancing the reliability of the partnership and the risk management
   - Optimizing the flows, the batch sizes, the lead times...
   - Finding together solutions to reduce costs without reducing supplier’s margins
   - Creating with the strategic ones, a network of competitiveness
While respecting commitments and maintaining their margins!

COMPIT solutions allow the participants to understand et implement external resources management, risks management, levers to competitiveness improvement and value creation... key success factors for today and tomorrow.