In an increasingly complex and demanding business world, organizations need to find new development solutions, to make the difference with their competitors ...

The GROUP EFFICIENCY is the new lever, making teams working together rather than side by side, allowing the development of inter-team synergies, giving rise to new ideas of competitiveness. ..This new action lever, that COMPIT will develop in your organization, will give you the opportunity to make the difference!


To meet their different challenges, organizations must take advantage of their resources potential and find new improvement solutions.

"COLLECTIVE EFFICIENCY" is the new action lever to be efficient and competitive .
The objective is to ensure that teams, from design to production, understand methodologies, value creation levers and risk management and take into account the expectations of all the departments...

By a better understanding in all areas, individuals or teams that could previously work very well ... but side by side, constitute a collective that works perfectly well TOGETHER.

We develop a COLLECTIVE EFFICIENCY, that generates significant results: inter-department synergies, new ideas of value creation, of organization, team building,...


COMPIT solutions enable multidisciplinary teams to develop a COLLECTIVE EFFICIENCY, new vector of functioning improvement and competitiveness