The business game "COMPIT Simulateur" development and the innovative training concept, matching perfectly with the needs of university and companies, was carried out in close collaboration with:
  -  Managers of major companies (Purchasing, Logisitcs, R&D, Quality and Marketing)
  -  Teachers of school management (Purchasing, Strategy, Logisitcs, Quality, Informatique, Marketing and Communication)
  -  Efficient IT staff
  -  SALOMON, who offered and still offers a development partnership.
The result is up to expectations!

COMPIT is for you, "Pros" of education and business! You are expecting:
      - Important pedagogical contributions, excellent animation capabilities, reliability.
      - Competitiveness savings, value creation, the cohesion of a group, ...
You will be satisfied!

COMPIT, directed by "Pros" for "Pros"!