"COMPIT Simulator" is a new generation training tool. 
It allows the implementation of trainings carried out by "Schools" and companies. During the simulations offered by COMPIT, the goal of every participant are to improve competitiveness, risk control and external resources management of the company. 
They have to analyse data and make diagnoses. They are in charge of developing strategies, conducting arbitrations, taking decisions and implementing action plans, in the whole process from design to production.

COMPIT Simulator places participants in a realistic business situation, they are responsible of the entire process from design to production. It is possible to adapt the game regaring the level and specialties of the various participants.
The goal of each participant is to improve competitiveness and risk control for product lines.
It provides them a lot of information. Participants analyze datas, make diagnoses, decide on strategies, methodologies, action plans, allowing them to:
             - Improve competitiveness through savings in creating value.
             - Manage external resources.
             - Master risk.

Participants have 29 levers, allowing them to implement their action plans in various areas:
             - R & D: co-design, co-development, standardization, confidentiality, exclusivity ...
             - Logistics: mastery of flow, lead times reduction, batch sizes, ...
             - Quality: mastery of the quality delivered
             - Purchasing: sourcing, risk management, contracts, partnership, negotiation, exclusivity, cost break down ...
Each action costs them time and budget, these resources are limited. As in reality, if risks are poorly planned, incidents occur and penalize participants. 

Tutorials help players, inform, guide, give direction throughout the game.
The success of participants depends of the development of appropriate methodologies, the implementation of optimum actions,  arbitrations wise choices, a concentration of energy and resources on major elements (20/80), ...

All participants learn and understand the rules while they are playing. 
After training / simulations, they have understood that competitivity, value creation methodology, action levers, risks management, external resources management, how their colleagues think and work, etc ... from design to production.