Improving the competitivity, finding new value creation levers, external resources management, risk management, complexity management, stress management... 

All that is experienced in the field is perfectly reproduced in the business game "COMPIT Simulator".

This business game puts participants in a situation very close to reality.
The scope for action is wide, from design to production, through procurement, with all the action levers of different functions.

As in reality, participants must seek to analyze large amounts of data, select those that are relevant, decide, implement action plans!
They need to improve competitiveness through internal and external resources, risk management and try to avoid incidents.

As in the field, time and budget resources are limited. It is necessary to arbitrate, choose actions that will bring the most in terms of competitivity improvement, risks management and implement its.
Analyze, decide, use the right action lever, manage your time, manage your stress, ... as in reality!

COMPIT up students as practitioners in a very realistic situation.
Each participant learn in one session, the equivalent of a field experience of several months!