With the business game "COMPIT Simulator": you only need an internet connection!
In only few minutes participants get accustomed to the software and get into the game
It is always appropriated to their level of education and their specialty.
The controlling of "COMPIT Simulator" is very simple.


You only need an internet connexion! 

The business game "COMPIT Simulator" can be used anywhere. Animator and participants have the opportunity to be in different places during simulations.
It does not require specific program or specific local.
"COMPIT Simulator" allows a very flexible time management simulation. Animators can start, stop, resume, etc ... the simulation as needed. 

Participants start playing without difficulty and the business game is always adapted to their level and their specialty. Tutorials that inform and provide direction, help them throughout the simulations.

The controlling of "COMPIT Simulator" is very simple and doesn't require special training animators.