The business game "COMPIT Somulator" is interactive.

The dashboard of participants provides permanently all information on the evolution of their simulations: residual resources, summaries, gains, losses, score competitiveness.
They are informed in real time about the results of their actions.
Tutorials inform them continuously on the actions they wish to carry on and incidents they have not been able to avoid. Tutorials give them lines for reflections.
The dashboard allows the animator to continuously monitor the different results of all participants. With one click, you can learn the details of each simulation in progress.
Internal messaging simulator allows the animator and participants to exchange if they wish.

COMPIT Simulator is motivating.
Participants are informed in real time about the results of their actions, the arrival of incidents and change to their competitiveness score, making the simulation more lively.
Participants will also see their dashboard on real-time, the best score of the current simulation, which motivates and creates a friendly emulation within the group.