With the business game « COMPIT Simulator », professionals and students have all learned through the game at the end of their simulation!

COMPIT Simulator is a new generation training tool. It is an essential support to your training, at school or in a company.

Participants will enjoy particularly this kind of training: They are learning while they are playing! Practical application is an essential element to integrate learning in a school environment.   In a company, it is the same. The practical application of theoretical training, through COMPIT Simulator, strongly increases the result of the theoretical part. Simulations are naturally part of the training concept Compit enterprise.

Compit Simulator allows understanding the methodology, the competitiveness, the value creation, the risk management, the different action levers…

Compit also provides, through "the game", to students and practitioners, this essential element and so difficult to teach: understanding others! Constraints, goals, reflections, action levers, of their colleagues and future colleagues in other departments.

A good practice with COMPIT simulator is better than a long speech