SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES. For you, the future animator, the controlling of "COMPIT Simulator" is particularly simple.

   - For you, future animator.
        - 4 hours will be enough to control the simulator.
Normally, no special training or assistance is needed.
            - Through access codes and a synthetic documentation, you will realize by yourself 2 or 3 simulation tests, as an animator and as a participant. This will allow you to completely understand the functioning of the simulator and the methodology. (Duration: 3h30)
            - A final test is recommended before the simulation for a perfect control. (Duration: about 30 minutes)
       - If you encounter some difficulties during this phase of the tutorial, we will:
            - Answer to your questions by phone
            - Help you through a video conference.
            - Meet you and introduce to you the functioning of the business game in detail.
   - For participants. 
            - The controling is immediate. 
            - A few days before the simulation, a synthetic documentation is communicated to you in order to save 30 to 45 minutes of explanations the D-Day.
            - Participants get into the simulation in a very easy way. Their tutorial answers to any questions they might ask. Tutorials accompany you throughout the game.

You may want a responsible of COMPIT to provide hosting or co-hosting your simulations?
This option is open to you, under certain conditions which will be provided upon specific request.