The business game "COMPIT Simulator" allows the evaluation of students during tutorials, or exams.
In business, if "COMPIT Simulator" is mainly used for the training of employees, it can also be used to assist during the evaluation of candidates for a position as a purchaser.

photo-2-7.jpg Schools. "COMPIT Simulator" allows the assessment of students during tutorials or exams. At the end of the simulation, COMPIT Simulator offers to the animator a grade on 20. It takes into account different components that encourages students to become fully involved in the simulation. Through these assessments, the animator reveals the strengths of participants and those which need to be improved.

    - Used primarily for the training of employees , " COMPIT Simulator " can provide an assessment of each player to the animator. The grade is not necesary communicate to the particiapants but allows the animator to identify their strengths and areas they need to improve.
    - It can also be used to assist during the evaluation of applicants :
        - Purchasing position (Buyer, purchasing manager , assistant, ... ). Simulations are adapted to assess these applicants face to a purchasing situation close to the reality. An assessment of the " job performance " of the applicant is provided at the end of the simulation. It is a valuable complement to their overall assessment.
       - Purchaing Training. COMPIT Simulator allows to establish a professional level of candidates to a purchasing trainning. This assessment is a valuable help for the choice of courses that will be offered.