COMPIT Simulator is the business game perfectly adapted to your logistics, quality, purchasing, management, engineer training from a second-year univerity level to a master degree level. COMPIT Simulator is the only business game offering simulations of competiveness improvement solutions, value creation, risk management, external resources management from the design phase to the final phase.

In a company, it is mandatory to be a good employee but it is not enough! To succeed, you have to work as a team and to be efficient in the overall process from design to the production. Develop good products and services are mandatory but it is not enough! Develop good products and services are a necessity but it is not enough! They must be fully competitive! Your students need to know how to develop products as a team, a competitive way and how to create value! They will be asked to collaborate with many departments with numerous colleagues. COMPIT Simulator offers the possibility to understand and test analysis, strategies, and action levers which will be available in a company, to improve the competitiveness, to manage provider resources and to manage the risks from the design phase to the production phase. COMPIT Simulator enables them to understand the reasoning, diagnosis, action levers, constraints, trade-offs of their future colleagues (R & D, logistics, quality, sourcing...). They will be better prepared to collaborate and to work as a team in an efficient manner, once in the workforce. This business game is the essential complement to your theoretical lessons!

COMPIT offers simulations created regarding the level of your students (75 versions available!):
-       More or less difficult
-       With up to 3 different scenarios within a simulation
-       More or less long ( from 1 to 3 days)
-       Operational or strategic contributions based on levels of education.