Your students, through "COMPIT Simulator" , will understand the way of thinking of their future clients, future colleagues, what are their strategies, expectations, action levers ... They will understand how to improve the competitiveness of their products and services, how they can create value, manage the supplier risks ... from the design phase to the production phase. COMPIT is an essential complement to your training in business and management.

“COMPIT Simulator” is the only business game allowing to put into practices what they have just learnt:
-       Strategies, expectations, action levers of their customers in purchasing, logistics and quality.
-       Competitive improvement solutions from design to the production.
-       Strategies, management method of the providers.

Your students, through COMPIT Simulator, will understand the reasoning and action levers of their future BtoB clients, but also of their future colleagues(R&D, logistics, quality, purchasing, and procurement). They will be better prepared and efficient once in the working life. COMPIT offers tailored simulations regarding the student level (75 versions available):
-        More or less difficult
-        With up to 3 different scenarios within a simulation
-        More or less longer (from 1 to 3 days)
-        Operational or strategic contributions

 COMPIT Simulator is an indispensable complement to your theoretical teaching.