The COMPIT Partners, senior procurement and logistics specialists, offer:

  • Facilitation of “Action training”: short, innovative, very efficient and customized: practical training of new generation!
  • Seminars in Annecy or Aix les Bains with teambuilding workshops and  COMPIT Simulation.

   - Improved competitiveness, risk management, management of suppliers
   - Improvement of the collaboration between and within teams in the company
   - Understanding and retention of BtoB customers. Business development!

Very innovative offers:
   - Customized 'Action Training' , multidisciplinary teams, intra or inter:
      - In 3 phases: theoretical contributions + Simulation with Business Game + research of improvement ideas (Optional: implementation support
      - Only training with the application of theory with a Business Game of new generation!  
      - "Action Training" which bring new ideas applied to the company at the end of session
     - Passionates participants!
     - Immediate ROI guaranteed!

Organization of seminars in Annecy or Aix les Bains. Facilitation of team building, with Business Game COMPIT. Customers and participants satisfaction always at the rendezvous! 

Trainers and consultants of high level

High impact learning contributions. New skills development
Production of new ideas directly applicable in the company.
Different, so much better and so much more efficient than traditional training!
... Excellent results, always at the rendez-vous!

Innovative, efficient, and professional approaches
Major assets at the service of your business!