With COMPIT, simple and clear commitments!
   - If you are a school, you will buy rights of use of COMPIT Simulator
   - If you are a company, we will offer you:
   - Internal training tailored for your company, allowing the improvement of your competitiveness and the collective efficience of your team.
   - A support to the organisation  of your seminar, team meeting and COMPIT will conduct a team-bulding activity.
With COMPIT, you do not need to buy a specific software, there is no heavy commitments.

UNIVERSITY, SCHOOLS: You will buy rights of use, each year, without other form of commitment!
It is possible to conduct the training by yourself (See on the website “Quick start” of the simulator on the page “Simulator”). The support of a COMPIT' certified facilitator is also possible.

    - Internal training tailored for your company  to improve your competitiveness and the efficience of your team.
We will study carefully with you your situation, your specific needs, expectations.. The training content will be determined in relation to you. (For your purchasing department, prescribers, your project teams ...). The training will be made with the Business Game COMPIT as a central element. Cycles of training are distributed on 2 days per group. It will be conducted by a specialist of the COMPIT network. The rights to use the business game will be included in the total cost of the training. 
    - We will help you with the organisation of your seminar or team meetings in the beautiful cities of Annecy or Bourget. We can offer you hotels and a team-bulding activity with “COMPIT Simulator”. 

With COMPIT, tailored solutions to your needs, competitiveness improvement, support to the success of your seminar or team meeting.

You think Compit solutions are really great? You are right, but ... they are even better than that!