SCHOOLS. "COMPIT Simulator" has been designed to allow an animation of quality and simple, by a person of your teaching team. A trainer of COMPIT can also conduct the simulations in your premices.
COMPANY. We will conduct for you an innovative and tailored training.

COMPIT Simulator has been designed to enable an animation of quality and simple by a person of your teaching team.
   - The grip is easy (only 3 or 4 hours)
   - A support package of simulation will be presented. It includes:
        - 1 teaching explanation
        - 1 powerpoint presentation: presentation of the simulation to the students
        - 1 powerpoint presentation: debriefing of the simulation
        - 1 tutorial “participants”
        - 1 tutorial “animator”
    - During the simulation, a dashboard allows the animator to follow simulations of each student. A mailbox, integrated in the business game, enable the animator to communicate with them.
    - At the end of the simulation, grades will be given to each student. Synthesis of the game will also help during the debriefing.
    If you wish, a trainer of COMPIT can conduct the simulation or support the animator in your premises.
    If you need a specific support during the simulation, you can ask for help through our HOTLINE under certain conditions.

    - We will conduct for you the training in 3 innovative and tailored phases.
    - At the end of the simulation, you can decide if you want to use COMPIT SIMULATOR all the year long as a training tool for your team. In this case, for more flexibility, we can train a person in your organisation to conduct each training session.
    - Seminar. Team meeting. A COMPIT manager will conduct your ativity of team-bulding in a hotel in the city of Annecy ou Bourget.